KOBE city ; The place people lives who are extravagant in shoes 

In JAPAN , what is called , Kyoto people are extravagant in dress and Osaka people in food . But in KOBE it is in shoes .

More than 100 years ago , many foreigners came to live around a foreign settlement since Kobe opened.

The craftsman who made Japanese sandals and Japanese clogs , repaired or made the shoes of foreigners who lived there , it is the history of shoes of KOBE began.

Eitaro, Hirano that learned the making of shoes in the United States for six years in 1889 opened the "Kobeya shoemaker" : gentleman shoes store at center of KOBE, and young, earnest shoes craftsmen gathered there from the district, and trained a technique.

Gentleman shoes in particular developed in Kobe, and as the place people lives who are extravagant in shoes became famous in nationwide. A lot of designed shoes for ladies  are made now, and the shoes which a craftsman handcrafts meet the  customer’s various requirement . 

picture:from web "shoe fit KOBEYA "