The history somen in Harima , west side Hyogo , Japan


The history of the production of somen in the Harima district is old, and a record is seen in old book.. On year 1418 or 1461 described word of  "somen"  for festival meal.


It was thought that it was Anei of the Edo era  (1771 ~ 1780) that the making of somen became up to professional standard in Harima and seemed to be recommended as "a permission type of industry" of the Tatsuno feudal clan in those days. .

A word somen leaves in the article of temple diary on 15th September 1419. This is a description of the somen which is the oldest in the Harima district. It is valuable historical materials to understand that somen was eaten in this area for 600 years.

About KANESU (From Summery of Bureau veritas Japan)

The somen "Ibonoito" (thread of IBO ) , proud of NO. 1 in Japan

in amount of production is a generic brand name given to the

somen which approximately 470 noodles makers  in  Harima district ,

Hyogo prefecture , Japan..

KANESU is one of major noodles maker in 470 producer. And has 60

employees. Other than somen, dry noodles made such as Soba , Udon,

Chinese dried noodles .

In addition, about marketing , they do the business in offshore also. And

they applied  QMS(ISO9001 wrestled for quality control by quality management system certification)  for ten years until three years ago.

For covering food security hygiene in it , three years ago acquired the FSSC22000 certification that was a system specialized in food security more.

It must be received inspection of FDA on exporting it, and it became the decisive factor of the certification acquisition that it could meet most of the requirement of FDA by managing structure of FSSC.

In addition, Wal-Mart recommended the certification acquisition of FSSC, to delivery supplier and in Japan also in major delivery flow same management will be applied. KANESU judged the FSSC acquisition with a required thing from such a thing.

Furthermore, the company performs export to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, Brazil as well as the United States, and the domestic market aims at the further foreign countries advance in now showing a slight saturation. President Sei Otani is convinced, "FSSC which is an international standard in this will certainly become the big weapon".

As for what "have neither of FSSC which is dried noodles HACCP and the international standard that the association of dried noodles cooperatives society of the whole country publishes, there seem to be confidence and a pride only in the company".