Stir-fried, simmered in soup, or chilled and used as a salad ingredient by mixing with fresh vegetables.... Japanese kanmen can be enjoyed in a wide range of dishes -as a substitute for pasta in Western style dishes, in Chinese noodle dishes and,naturally, in Japanese noodle dishes as well. Which of the following dishes would you choose to try out the taste and texture of Japanese kanmen?

Soba Salad Featuring Western Vegetables
1. Slice the vegetables into edible sizes.
2. Boil the soba noodles ensuring they are slightly firm, rinse
 thoroughly in cold water and drain.  Boil snap peas and chill them in cool water.
3. Blend the ingredients for the dressing (commercial dressing can also be used).
4.Place drained vegetables and noodles in a bowl, add the dressing just betore serving, blend and then transfer to a serving dish or bowl.

Reference  Doc of MAFF